Medicine Lodge Poms LLC

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Pomeranian Sires

 Medicine Lodge Poms LLC  
The sires that reside here are producing quality puppies.  Of many colors and patterns. 

Parti's, Merles and solid colors


Meet MLP Prince Peanut. TS 35978201

Peanut is a beautiful Orange Sable  Who is 1year old in this picture 4.5 pound of love  full grown

A huge thank you to Jan Johnson for allowing me to have this boy

Certified Normal Cardiac 

Patella's 0,1


Full Embark Vet Panel has been completed.


Sire:  Finch's Parti at Night Oscar 



Alexandroff Tiqua on Cloud



Meet  Windsong's Prince Zorro  TS35763603

This little boy is so full of spunk, fun and potential.    He is growing to be a beautiful Blue Merle with tan points 

Thank you Kathy Inman for trusting me with this beautiful boy. 

Certified Normal Cardiac 

Patella's 0,0


Full Embark DNA panel run. 



Windsong's Pride and Joy 



Windsong's Whistling Dixie  



Meet Skeeter  at 11 months old

Sire:  GCH windsong's Merled Masterpiece - TS30687901

Dam:  Royal Tee's on a quest at Windsong - TS33039803

OFA testing done: 

Heart Normal..No murmurs 

Patella's are a 0,0

Full Embark DNA Panel has been Run 

Thank you again Kathy Inman for you beautiful baby boy

Skeeters parents 



Introducing Brody

DOB  May 10, 2020

He is just a baby, but I have very high hopes for him.  His sire is a parti so he should sire parti puppies and exceptional solid colors.

Sire:  Shigvard  TS45594601 (from Belarus) 

Dam:  Windsong's Spring Blossom  TS35763302

Heart is Normal

Patella's are 0, 0  

DNA  has been run and he is a champ.




Meet Loki

Windsong's Loki is a Jewel   TS48432503

DOB:  08/25/2020

Sire:  Gch ch Windsong's Merled Masterpiece  TS30687901

Dam:  Windsongs Liberty and Justice for All  TS35763401

This boy is a dream.   

OFA:  Heart and Patella's are Normal 

Patella's: 0 0

Thank you to my favorite Breeder.  Kathy Inman

DNA has been run.




Meet little Barkley. (Fairy Tales Barkley of the Mores). 


Sire:  Filippoks Tverskih Prostorov. TS53187701. (Russian)

Dam:  Nongploy's Maya. TS57061201. (Thi)

DNA is being run 

OFA  will be done when he is 1 yr old

thank you to Marilyn Murphy for trusting me with this little boy 



Filippoks Tverskih Prostorov

TS53187701. Russian


Nongploy's Maya