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Scam do I know?

They are out there.  My local sheriff  gave me the following information to pass along.

Often scam sites are Terrorists from Pakistan, Syria and yes the USA.  And then there are the dishonest people who don't want to work for their money.  They steal from you giving you nothing in return but disappointment.  
Below are a few things to watch for....


Honest breeders never advertise their entire kennel or puppies as being on sale.  Or 50% off. 


A scam artist will ask for money to be sent to Walmart, Western Union or check. 

Don't do it.  You have no recourse to get your money back.  


You just can't seem to talk to anyone... 

They give a phone number but, you never can reach anyone and have to leave a message.  

Do they only want to talk on the computer or text?.....  This is a hard one!  

(Honest breeders have answering machines also. But they will call you back and love to talk to you about their dogs.)  BUT: Especially in the summer months breeders are at dog shows, family vacations, trip to the vet etc.  . Was this breeder referred to you or was it the internet search?

 Char from Char's Poms quoted this to me. 

"I also sometimes am available only by email because we go to our cottage a lot in the summer and we have no phone signal there.  When I am there people can only reach me by email and I actually have to drive out to the main road for the emails to send and receive.  I also don't return phone calls to buyers if I am at a show.  People do not want to wait three or four days for a response so they get emails when I have a few minutes here and there.  Of course, when I go to the shows it is with Lynn and we have more than just Poms.  We are at it from 5am until the dogs go to bed at 10pm. Then sleep, shower and back to groom and show the next day."   written with approval from Char.  

So do your homework:   I am usually available but I am also away sometimes for several weeks in the summer.  Breeders will hire people to take care of their dogs.  That is their only break as breeding dogs is a 24/7 job.  



Will they show you the puppies pedigree.  If not ....don't buy the puppy even if you are looking for a pet.  


scammers will ask for money upfront before they will show you more pictures of the puppy.  ( This is not a deposit on a puppy you have decided to purchase.)    Don't be fooled by pressure tactics to send money right away, because they will not talk to you unless you send money.  Remember they want your money.  They don't have a puppy to sell.

 If the breeder you are talking too makes you feel "strange, nervous or like something is wrong.  It most likely is wrong.  


  • Remember: If you buy something, you must pay for it before you receive the product. 
  • An honest breeder will ask for a deposit to hold your puppy for a certain amount of time.  Usually until the puppy is 8 weeks of age.  It is normally non-refundable unless something should happen to your puppy.  
  • An honest breeder will have to have the money up front if you are shipping the puppy as cargo.  At  this point  your puppy is already paid for so now you need to have it delivered.   This is the correct process.  No breeder will ship and then ask for the money to pay for the shipment. 
  • Often honest breeders will caution you to not wait too long to make your purchase.  This is because good breeders with good reputations often have their puppies sold very quickly.  Or they know another party is looking at this puppy also.  (This is not to be confused with:  Send money before we can talk to you)  

Photo shopped:

 Scammers will photo shop a picture to make the eyes larger.  the body smaller.  Showing this tiny little puppy that is so cute!


If the kennel name doesn't match the website address..(.URL) it is most likely a scam.  If you question the honesty of a breeder.  Check them out on the internet.  Will they tell you where they are located. can't be too careful. 


Are you seeing other kennel names on the pictures of testimonial pages.  

Do they claim to be partners with this other person?  

Be very careful the information could be stolen.  Ask a lot of questions.   If it feels usually is a scam.  Call the other kennel you are seeing and verify that they actually are a partner and it is legitimate.  

This could save you hundreds of dollars!! 


When you ask about the parents.  Can they show you pictures. and tell you about the parents  personality. 


Honest Breeders  are very busy taking care of their dogs, showing and updating their website..  They often don't have time to take pictures constantly.   But normally have current pictures on their website.   This is not to be confused by....I don't have any more pictures.  If the dogs are theirs the pictures should be somewhere.   

( when I take pictures it can take hours to take the pictures. (for several dogs)  To get a good picture.  Sometimes 1 out of 50 shots will be good to   Process and post)  


Many honest breeder do not take pictures from birth.  But if they know you are serious about the purchase of your puppy they will often send you updated pictures.  Be very careful of the site that wants a deposit before they will talk to you about the puppy, pedigree or registration.  

Be sure to see more than one picture of the puppy you are purchasing!

If you have been the victim of a
 scam  Please file a report with the FBI at  This is how they find these dishonest people.  We have to speak up.