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I have worked hard and given many families a precious puppy to love.  I am looking for my forever home where I can love you and be loved for the rest of my life. Are you my forever family?   




I did my OFA testing on 4 pups yesterday.  (Must be done after 1 year of age.) Miss Panda didn't pass.  Her heart is normal and her left patella is perfect.  Her right one is a grade 3.  I do not breed if they are over a grade two.   Enclosed is a picture of her and her price if you are interested.  
She is doggy door trained and very sweet but active.   Her asking price is $1500.00.  I paid $2500 for her so I am discounting her price a great deal to allow for the one leg that is too poor for Breeding.    She doesn't limp and uses the leg very well.  But, the risk of her passing bad patella's is much greater than if it was a two or less.  

 She is very healthy and her patella may never give her problems.  But again it could happen.  There are three surgery's that can fix the problem depending on how bad it is.  The first is a stitch which basically just provides an edge so the patella will not jump out of the grove.  This option is inexpensive. My vet is around $300.  The next is to tether the patella with a stitch which holds the patella in place.  Again this option is not invasive and less expensive.  The most expensive surgery is the bone reconstruction which can cost up to $2500.00.  You only need to do surgery if her patella were to go out and not come back in.  Which is painful.  I have only had to repair one dog.  And the stitch worked very well.  
She will come to you spayed and current on all vaccinations.  She is also micro chipped  Miss Panda is just a couple days over 1year of age.  She is friendly and loves to be helf and groomed.  She is also used to having her teeth brushed and nails trimmed.  
She is a very nice girl.   And I am very sad to lose her.  
Pet only $1500