Medicine Lodge Poms LLC

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I have worked hard and given many families a precious puppy to love.  I am looking for my forever home where I can love you and be loved for the rest of my life. Are you my forever family?   



This little boy is 4 years old.  He is not one of my dogs.  Rather he is a rescue. Coco is 4 yrs old and is a solid Chocolate boy.  His previous owner was placed in Assisted Living and he was not able to take his dog.  The family didn't want him so they dumped him.  

I have been working with him to help with his frustration levels.,  He needs a home where he will be held a LOT.  He prefers men but will cuddle up with me.  He is NOT housebroken, so I have him wearing a belly band.  

He is taking Gabupentin for his outbursts of frustration.  And there are other medications that will help him.  Right now we are starting with the least amount possible.  We have found that he was used to being fed at the table or sofa.  He get frustrated when this doesn't happen.  And he attacks himself snarling and biting.   He has never tried to bite a person.  Although, I don't touch him when he does this. We are in the process of trying to teach him not to attack himself.  Either his front feet or his hind quarters.  He sounds very aggressive when he does this.   He is used to sleeping with his owner and he doesn't like his kennel at night.  His previous owner kept him shaved.  His coat is growing out and looks to be normal.  

Coco would be a wonderful pet for someone who is home bound.  He does not get car sick and loves to go.  He was seen all over town in his previous owners three wheeled bike riding in the basket in the back.  Even though he suffers with frustration, he is a wonderful little boy who really needs someone who can give him all the love and attention that he deserves.  I am asking $250.00. Just to cover his vet bills.  

It would be best if you could come and see him first or we can try to FaceTime.  

I am not afraid of this boy he wants to be loved and to love.