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Product that I use for my dogs. 

Don't forget to check the dollar store for great toys and often nice harnesses and leashes.  You can't beat the price.  $1.00

Oxgord x-pen:
This is a great indoor pen if you need something heavier. 
Found: and ebay .  Prices vary so do your homework
Paid around $45.00
Here is an x-pen that works inside and outside.  Midwest Brand found on
I use these if I need to quarantine someone. Also great to put your new puppy in for fun outside.  I often hook several together to form a good play pen.  This is a lightweight pen and some dogs learn to jump on it and push it around the room.   around  $35.00 - $40.00
(This puppy has the runs.  So she is being held by herself until she recovers.  I don't want a kennel full of bowel problems)  lol
CET toothpaste: 
I usually purchase this at  But sells it also. 
My dogs LOVE this toothpaste
Runs around $8.00 - $10.00
This is the best pin brush I have tried.  easy to hold and does a great job of grooming 
Around $8.00
Everyone needs this comb to finish your grooming.  It will dig deep into their coat to catch any mats that you missed.
around $7.00 - $8.00

This is a great product for those tear stains we all fight in our light/white dogs. 

It will take about 1 month for this to start working.  It stops the eyes from tearing so much thus keeping their hair drier.  Once the new hair comes in it will come in white or the natural color.  This absolutely works.  And it lasts a very long time.

around $35.00

I feed my dogs Orijen Original.  The dogs love it.  I tried it out by mixing in with their old food.  They picked out the Orijen food and left the rest.  I can't purchase this locally so I order from.   they deliver to your door.  Or is another good source. 
$56.00 for a 25 pound bag
NuVet Plus is a must.  It isn't cheap, but it will last one dog for three months.  6 months if they are under 5 pounds.   See my NuVet page for ordering information
around $50.00
I use this dremel to trim my dogs nails.  Some love it and some don't  It will take the nail right down and you do not have to worry about cutting too deep.  Although if you get close to the vein the dremel will feel hot on their nail. 
A smaller version was found on Amazon for $29.00   and  www.
These are cat nail clippers.  They work really well on the poms.  Often I will clip everyone with these clippers and then smooth off the edges with the dremel. and PetSmart
Kirkland Baby Wipes.  I buy by the case at Costco
around $25.00

Ikeria Shampoo  Smells really good and is gentle.   found on 

I buy in the gallon size but they have bottles as low as $8.99 

Disinfectant:  My vet says this is one of the best.   I love that it eliminates any odor and it is good to hold back Parvo, corono viruses and many others.  Fresh Scent 256  As low as 32.99 on  I buy in the gallon form.

I also use  Chlorhexidine Solution:  Works very well.  I rotate my disinfectants  this is found on  12.99 for a gal.