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Colors of the Pomeranian Breed
Poms come in a large range of colors.  The Puppy can change completely when it becomes an adult. When adults are shown, the classes are generally split into three colors..(divisions:  red, orange, cream and sable, black, brown and blue and any other color, pattern or variation.  

Colored Pomeranian Puppies for Sale


Cream or Warm White

Cream:  While this puppy looks white in most area.  There is a slight color in his coat.  Most whites will become a cream with age and time.  A Cream will always have a black nose 

Cream is an off-white color that is like the color of the cream in coffee...

(description found in eHow)



Chocolate speaks for itself.  The dog can be a light chocolate up to a very dark Chocolate.  This little girl is in her uglies but will mature to be a great example of Chocolate 




Black:  Solid black with no other colors.  If there is white anywhere.  The color becomes Black with white markings. 

Picture used with permission from Parkers Precious Poms  Owner:  Tiffany Parker


Black and Tan

Black and Tan: Predominately Black with Tan Points.  The brighter the points the better. 

* Eyebrows 

* under tail 

* chest 

* muzzle

* most often on the legs also 



Black and Tan Tri:  Mainly black again with Tan Points and white markings.  

A tri can be a choc or any other color.  But there must be three colors to be a tri.  

*  Primary color 

*  Tan points 

*  White markings.


Blue Merle

Blue Merle: the Merle Gene breaks up the black color giving the dog and spotted or streaked look. 

Merle has a solid base of red, brown or black with light blue, grey or red mixed in so the dog has a speckled appearance.  

Please see this site for a wonderful description of a merle.  I was given permission to post this link.  


Blue Merle and Tan and sometimes white markings

Blue Merle with Tan and white markings.




Orange Poms are a light golden tan-orange color.  Often confusing a Beaver as an orange.  Orange Poms will always have a black nose.  

Some color explainations were found on eHow


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