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Pomeranian Dams (Mom's)
Specializing is Merles, Parti's and Unique colors

Thank you for viewing our girls.  We have searched for Dams that are from Free Whelping lines.  Health, conformation and a gentle but active attitude are everything.  Our goal is to provide you with puppies that are not only beautiful but healthy.  When you purchase one of our puppies you are part of our happy family.    



Meet Liberty:  TS35763402

She was born on July 4, 2017 and I think the name fits her perfectly! 



Once again I cant thank Kathy Inman enough for trusting us with this girl.  We just love her.  

Certified Normal Heart 

Patella's 0,0


Embark DNA has been completed




Meet : Parkers A Walk in the Raine:  She is one of our newest hopefuls to join our breeding program.  


Sire:  Parker's Warden of the Island "Riker


Dam:  Parker's A Walk in the Garden Madison 


9 months old in this picture

This little girl is an Orange Sable parti and if she is anything like her parents he will be stunning.  

Thank you again the Tiffany Parker for letting me have this little girl. 

OFA Tested Heart:  Normal 

Patella's  Grade 2, 2 

Full Embark DNA Panel has been run



Meet Parkers Warden of "Winter"  


7 months old in this picture

Sire:  Parker's Warden of the Island "Riker"  TS25598701

Dam:  Parker's Awalk in the Garden Madison TS303120302

This beautiful little girl is a Chocolate Parti.  I have such high hopes for her.  

Thank you to Tiffany Parker for letting me take Winter home.

OFA tested Heart:  Normal 

Patella's 1, 1

Full Embark DNA Panel has been run



Meet Windsongs Goddess of the Moon - "Luna" 

GCH CH Windsongs Merled Masterpiece TS30687901

Windsongs Babbling Brooke  TS30688401 

DOB: 06/18/19

OFA tested:  Heart Normal

Patellas  0, 0

DNA Panels have been run

Another special thank you to Kathie Inman for trusting us with this little girl


 GCH CH Windsongs Merled Masterpiece



Welcome to Bridget:  She is out of our breeding and we have very high hopes for her. 

DOB:  7/16/2019

MLP Princess of my Heart "Bridget"  TS43076404

Sire:  Pruden's perfect Parti  "Cooper"  TS25559803

Dam:  Windsongs For the Love of Misty

Normal Heart

Patella's. Grade 0, 0

Full Embark DNA Panel has been run.



Introducing Queen Valleys Princess Mayzie Mae 

Sire:  MLP There's A Snake in my boot Sheriff Woody    TS35304901

Dam:  Queen Valley's Peaches and Cream  TS34903405

DOB:  September 14, 2020

OFA results are Normal Heart and Perfect Patella's. 0-0

A huge thank you to Nicole Weaver for allowing us to bring Dazzles and Oscars lines back into our kennel.  I can't wait  to see how she turns out.  

 Heart is Normal 

Full DNA panel has been run.



MLP There's A Snake in my boot Sheriff Woody

Queen Valley's Peaches and Cream 



Meet Sugar Cookie Crumble   TS48642501

DOB:  Oct. 11, 2020

Sire:  Prayerpaw & BFF Lumos Maxima By Pom-Derosa  TS35642902

Dam:  Oliver's Touched by a Angel  TS  41287601

this little girl is stunning.  Her muzzle is a bit longer than my normal.  But, I feel she is going to bring good things to our line.  

Thank you so mch to Sheri chapman

OFA Testing completed 2022

Normal Heart

Patella grade is 0, 0

Full DNA panel has being run





Meet Bella 

Sire: GCH CH Merled Masterpiece    TS0687901

Dam:  Windsong's Purdy As A Picutre  TS39139502

DOB:  1/25/21

Thank you Kathy Inman for another one of your stunning dogs. 

OFA tested 2022 

Heart is Normal 

Patella's are 0, 2



Meet Paris: 

Sire:  Windsongs Here Comes a Skeeter 

Dam:  Alexandroff Elly  

DOB:  3/8/21

this little girl is from our breeding.  We are very excited about her.  

OFA  tested: Heart Normal

Patella's 0, 0




Meet Ari 

Sire:  Windsongs Prince Brody 

Dam:  Irwin's Hot Pursuit (Reese) 

Going into her Monkey/Ugly stage 

DOB:  9/3/21

We have high hopes for this little girl of our breeding.  


Meet: Mystique 

DOB::  September 6, 2021

Sire:  Beau James Knights Blade

Dam:  Pearl Moons Awesome Ariella 

Starting to come out of her Monkey/Ugly stage

thank you to Claudia Wallen for allowing us to have this beautiful Blue Merle Parti.  


Meet Miracle. 

We are hoping she turns out well.  

DOB:  Feb.  3, 2022

She is from our breeding 


''Windsongs Loki is a Jewel 

Our beautiful Chocolate Merle

Pratsals Precious Mandy. 





Meet:  MLP Holly at Christmas


Sire:  WindsongsPrince Brody

Dam:  Isabella's Dazzling Poppy

DOB:  12/25/2021


Windsongs Prince Brody


MLP Isabella's Dazzling Poppy