Medicine Lodge Poms LLC

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Medicine Lodge Poms LLC 

4100 Medicine Lodge Road 

Dillon, Montana 59725


Date:                                             Contract For:                                         Puppy Purchase Price 

Thank you for giving our sweet baby a new home filled with love and care.  She/he is a wonderful Pom and deserves the best possible home  

If any legal action were to be necessary regarding this agreement or the puppy it refers to, by either buyer or Breeder.  All such actions must be made and completed in the town and state in which the Breeder resides. 

Date of Birth__________________________________ sex______ Breed:  Pomeranian 

Sire:                                                                                                   AKC# 

Dam:                                                                                                  AKC# 

Limited/Full registration______________________________________________________________________________________________


Balance Due:_____________________________________________________ 

For the puppy's first full year, we GUARANTEE our puppies to be in good health at the time of sale.  free from any life-threatening congenital defects/infections disease (ie: Heart, Kidney, Lung failure,  Parvo, etc)  Everything possible has been done to keep each and every puppy/dog healthy and happy on our premises.  

This guarantee  is valid for three days once in our buyer's care, but they MUST have their puppy into a vet within three business days of possession to continue the healthy guarantee for one year's duration.  Send us the documentation as your proof.  

** If the vet finds a life-threatening (congenital) condition present, you AGREE TO NOTIFY US THE SAME DAY as your initial vet visit, and we will replace your puppy with one (as soon as one is available) of equal or lesser value upon return of the original puppy reg. papers, and written documentation and reports from the examining vet to us.  

** the buyer is responsible for all shipping cost and any/all vet expenses. 

**If the buyer neglects to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian with in THREE business days,  ALL GARANTEES ARE NULL AND VOID.  Make sure to send a copy of your vet check as proof.  We will have the puppy examined and checked by a licensed et for overall health before shipping.  A signed health certificate will be provided. 

Breeders Responsibilities:  

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE: The ability to breed, size, coat color or consistency, confirmation or disposition of the puppy at maturity.  (We will provide a Guestimate of adult size based on the weight chart, parents' weight, and the history of what our dogs produce)    The health guarantee does not cover hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia, allergies, respiratory infection, luxating patella's, internal/external parasites or any other nonlife-threatening conditions  (ones that can be prevented OR traits that are not life threatening)   Diseases contracted due to lack of diligence or vaccinations once they have left our care are also not covered.  **HYPOGLYCEMIA ( sugar shock) prevention is the responsibility of the buyer.  We recommend Nutrical or similar product (Karo Syrup to be kept on hand (Especially Poms under two pounds at eight weeks)   - In cases these products are not on hand, safe-for-dogs peanut butter mixed with honey or Karo Syrup will suffice until Nutrical can be Purchased.  

We try very hard to not produce puppies that will have BSD or Alopesa X Should your puppy develop this condition in the first year. We will give you another puppy from another line. This is the only option 

SHOW: All dogs (even if purchased for show) are sold as pet quality.  We do not guarantee the ability to show in the ring. 

Medicine Lodge Poms LLC assumes no financial responsibility after the Pomeranian leaves the premises.  This includes but is not limited to medical expenses, Landlords' disapproval, allergy to animals, mortality, disagreement of family or spouse, or any other except congenital birth defect causing death (in which you will receive a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value).  We do REQUIRE that if any of these incidences arise that you return the puppy to us immediately.  Or if you find you can no longer care for said puppy you must return the puppy to breeder  Expense for this return is the buyers responsibility.  Please "Talk to us if this should arise"  We are not heartless.   No puppy shall be given away - dropped off at a shelter or other organization.  

Buyer realizes in signing this that this is a Legal ad Binding Document. 

BUYER'S SIGNATURE:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Any animal bought from this seller will require a non-refundable deposit of $300 for a HOLD DEPOSIT SERVICE  Which is applied toward the total purchase price.  Payments can be arranged but puppy will not be shipped until full payment is made and all funds have cleared the bank.  All puppies must be at least 10 weeks of age at shipping time.  If the puppy is not weaned, eating kibble well or just too tiny the puppy can be kept until he/she is healthy enough to leave our facility. 

If you ask me to hold a puppy longer for your convenience it will be done but a fee of $50.00 to cover the cost of vaccinations required (including Parvo and Rabies)  In very special circumstances we will hold puppies for more than 12 wees.  There is an additional charge of $20.00 a week to cover expenses for the puppy.  ie:  Worming's, food and any other incidental expenses occurred. 

Buyers (Printed signature)______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Buyers signature by hand______________________________________________________________________________________________________


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