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Waiting for a litter

Posted by on June 20, 2019 at 2:35 PM
I am new to blogging so here goes and I hope it is interesting to you. Liberty is pregnant with her first litter. Very stressful for both of us. She doesn't understand what is happening and I worry about her. Will she be able to whelp these puppies easily. Have the puppies gotten too large? Will she except them, is she going to be a good mommy? All of the usual questions that a good breeder will have. I have gone through my check list. All supplies are ready for the birth. She will start sleeping in my bedroom so I can hear her and she can get used to her whelping box. She is the sweetest girl and I have such high hopes for this litter. Her kennel to raise the puppies is ready. She isn't due until the 30th of July but, I like to bring them in the house; from the kennel, much earlier. She was checked by my veterinarian and she is healthy (yay!) Babies are growing so fast now. I am hoping for four little ones. As she is huge and still 10 days to go. Her tummy is shaved so that the babies can find her nipples easier. And I am now watching for her milk to come in. A little early yet but it will come.....hopefully. If it doesn't I will have to supplement the babies until her milk comes in. We rarely lose a puppy, but when it happens it breaks my heart and the heart of the mommy. Dogs feel loss and pain just as we do. I have seen them many times cry over a sick baby. Yes they will reject the sick puppy sometimes. But, in my experience they often come to me looking for help. Which I gladly give. A struggling puppy we weigh in grams. Watching for that gain of weight that can signal a happy outcome. Today Liberty is sleeping and enjoying her bed. No more jumping and being a goofball. She is getting too heavy to jump. Ha-ha Update will come as she reaches her due date. Wishing her good luck and an easy delivery.

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